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Aradin is a village located in the north of Iraq about 150Km from the province of Mosul and more than 50Km from Dhouk city.

The village administratively followed to Amadiya district within Dhouk province which is about (35)Km from Aradin village. It is located in the Sebna valley which is the most large famous valley in the region and located between the mountain of Metina from the north and the mountain of Kara from the south.

The meaning of Aradin is "Araa Dathen" or "Eden Paradise" as in Arabic which is an evidence of its beauty and prosperity with clear air and water and a fertile land.

Its population recorded (1049) according to the census of  (1957). Number of houses before 1961 were about (200) residential houses resided by more than (350) families. In 1987 the village was targeted to complete destruction by the former  regime but only the old church of Sultan Madokht was left.

Life return to the village during the construction campaign of building the villages led and supported by Sarkis Aghajan,as the Supreme committee of Christian affairs in Dhouk  constructed (90) new houses , roofing (25) houses ,restoring the churches ,building a school, a furnished hall, construct the roads and linking the village with water supply system.


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