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Mar Yakoo

Mar Yakoo village is located behind the white mountain near the city of Dhouk , surrounded by mountains in all sides , the western side elevated on Sendy plane and the passage to Zakho district. The history of the village is from the ancient times and unknown. But the multi and huge caves excavated in the rocks and surrounded mountains is an evidence that the ancient  man was residing in this place .The most modern history of the village backed to the first half of the seventh century ,where a monastery was established by a priest called Yawalaha who came from Beth Awi monastery near Aqra in 647AD , number of priests who were living alone assembled in the monastery. An academic institution or a school for the fathers of Domincan established in the beginning of twentieth including three floors and (360) rooms. Many individuals of our people were graduated from this scientific and religious school, but was targeted to raids for many times in the beginning of sixtieth so people left home till the destruction of the remains of the school and the monastery in 1988 during the bad reputed campaign of Anfal.

The Supreme committee of Christian affairs in Dhouk  supported by Sarkis Aghajan built 79 new houses for the inhabitants of the village and opened roads leading to the village.

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