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Translated by: Aziz Emmanuel Zebari

The village lies on top of a lofty mountain within the geographic area of Hadyab in Erbil near the Turkish borders and to the west of Diana. It lies amidst the 3849-feet high Mt. Shireen. As for the meaning of the name, historical sources indicate that the name is derived from Betha D’ail ( gods house) in Syriac.

In 1978, the inhabitants of the village deserted it for political conditions and acts of terrorism by the last regime. They scattered about in Iran, Erbil, and Shaqlawa. Some remained in the village. Others used to frequent the place as of 1991 and finally 5 families settled down in the village in 1994.

There are two churches in Bedyel bearing the name of Mar Gewargis:

The first one is very old. It has an area of 15X5m with walls of 2m thick. It is built of stone and gypsum. It has a low back door and a wide yard containing some graves. There is also a large cemetery containing hundreds of graves around the church.

In 1996, the inhabitants of the village reconstructed the old church but with a smaller size. They also rebuilt the roof that was built in the past of stone like a dome that towered the church using clay and mat on large bars of I-beams.

The villagers used to take refuge in the church during the air attacks that used to destroy their houses and kill their cattle. They believed that Mar Gewargis protected them from those barbaric attacks and saved them.

The second church in Bedyel is a new and remarkable one. It has an area of 18X850 m. It is designed from above like a cross and towered from the front by a round dome with a cross at its top. Behind it there is a tower also topped by a cross. The whole structure is covered with a mixture of limestone, marble, and bricks from both inside and outside. The building was completed recently. Besides, 11 new houses were built for the inhabitants and a water-well was dug for the village to help solve the problem of lack in drinking water. It was also supplied with a power supply generator, a tractor, as well as a minibus for the service of the village inhabitants.


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