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News: Assyrian National Day Held

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Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Assyrian National Day was held in Tehran with the participation of a group of religious minority leaders and the Assyrian community on Sunday evening.

“The Assyrians have presented valuable services throughout history, which have symbolized the sciences, culture, and art,” said Assyrian MP Yonathan Betkolia in the ceremony, IRNA reported.

Naming some of the services, Betkolia said, “Translating philosophy and logic from Greek into Arabic and then into Persian and medical achievements are among such services.”

July 1 was announced as Assyrian National Day during the 27th international union of Assyrians in Erbil, Iraq, in December 2010.

Karen Khanlari, a Christian member of parliament, told the ceremony that one of the most ancient civilizations belongs to the Assyrians. Ambassadors of countries, including from Russia, Lebanon, Australia, Turkey, and Georgia attended the ceremony.

Zoroastrians and Jews each have one representative in the parliament, Assyrian, and Chaldean Christians jointly elect one representative, and Armenian Christians in the north and the south are each represented by one lawmaker.

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