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News: University of San Diego to host Hope for Iraqi Christians Fundraising Gala with Bishop Emmanuel Shaleta

St. Peter's Cathedral for Chaldean Catholics in San Diego. Photo/ University of San Diego

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018


The University of San Diego will host the third annual Hope for Iraqi Christians fundraising gala, in support of persecuted and displaced Iraqi Christians.

Funds raised will go directly to refugee families and persecuted Christians, providing basic life necessities like food, shelter, medicine, diapers and hygiene products.

Since the rise of ISIS in 2014, countless innocent Iraqi civilians have suffered horrific crimes against humanity.

  Those who survived, escaped murder and left their homes are facing dire conditions. Even though ISIS is defeated, the situation on the ground is very complicated that each town in north Iraq confronts specific challenges.

Therefore, MERCI (Medical Emergency Relief for Christians and all displaced Iraqis) is raising funds by supporting clinics that were established in northern Iraq since 2014 to provide a variety of health care services and medications as a humanitarian relief.

* Help us to give mercy to those who survived ISIS and struggled to live a life with dignity, justice and freedom.

Merci-California asks distinguished members of the community to support these seven clinics.

Hope for Iraqi Christians is officially recognized by the San Diego Roman Catholic Diocese as a Social Ministry.

Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, Mar Toma Council #10981.



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