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News: JEREMY Hunt yesterday warned political correctness has harmed efforts to fight Christian persecution around the world


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The Foreign Secretary said people have been too scared of being linked to “misguided imperialism” while Christians are hounded and slaughtered.

He made the warnings as he launched an independent review of Britain’s support for persecuted Christians.

It comes days after ISIS blew up a cathedral in the Philippines during Sunday service – murdering 20 and wounding dozens more.

Mr Hunt said 80 per cent of global religious persecution is against Christians.

He said: “We want to banish any hesitation to look into this issue without fear or favour that may exist because of our imperial history.

‘Because of the concerns some people might have in linking it with the activities of the missionaries of the 19th Century, to misguided imperialism.

“All of those concerns may have led to hesitation to really look at this issue properly, and we don’t want that to happen.”

He singled out China and India for criticism and vowed to build an international coalition to protect Christians.

The Bishop of Truro Philip Mounstephen, who is leading the review, said “post-colonial guilt” may have resulted in the UK being “blind to this issue”.

He said the review “is not about special pleading for Christians” but about fighting religious persecution of any kind.

he review will map the level of Christian persecution across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

It will also provide an “objective analysis” of current Government support.

And it will provide recommendations on a more “cohesive and comprehensive” policy response when it reports back in the summer.

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