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Oriental Cultural Center

A private educational establishment, for enriching the Syriac language, its literature and heritage.

 Founder:  Sarkis Aghajan Mamando.

 General Director: : Fr. Shlimon Esho Khoshaba.

 Location: Iraq Kurdistan Region, Duhok.


1.Modernizing and updating the Classical Syriac Language throughout all available means.

2.Preserving the heritage of the Syriac Language

Program and Work Means.


1.Holding conferences and teaching sessions on the Syriac language and its heritage. Arranging educational festivals and courses, participating in such events and supporting them.

2.Publishing a journal to promote the Syriac language and its literature.

3.Establishing a modern library that will contain important resources and on the heritage and literature of Syriac language and subsequently listing them electronically so that they are available to readers, scholars and researchers.

4.Setting up a web site to reflect the activities of the center and its achievements.

5.Provide financial and moral support to scholars, writers, researchers on the Syriac language.

6.Establish connections with educational centers and universities within and outside the country in order to achieve the center’s aims.

7.Subsidize scholarships of higher education scholarships in the Syriac language and its literature.

8.Subsidize special projects aimed at using the Syriac language in computer programs.

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