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     Hezel is one of the cultural, social, and humanitarian NGOs in Zakho in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is an organization that supports democracy and cultural issues. It also works to strengthen values of charity, brotherhood and coexistence amongst the various components of the Kurdish society in Kurdistan Region (KR) especially in the District Zakho. 

     Since its establishment in October 2004, the organization has carried out many relief and reconstruction work and received both Christian and non-Christian refugees and displaced people fleeing the acts of violence in Baghdad, Mosul and Basrah in the aftermath of the last regime change. Humanitarian and financial support was offered to hundreds of displaced families. The organization helped build, reconstruct and renovate many houses, churches, health centers, and schools belonging to the villages that were destroyed by the last regime.

     The organization has thus contributed into the creation of a counter-immigration movement from cities to the villages in the area.

It has also been supporting many sports and social activities and providing health and medical services to the local community in the area. Worship places, especially churches and monasteries have received special care and attention by the organization.

     Media has been an other area of interest for the organization. It has now a broadcasting station and a quarterly journal

     The organization has also supported the establishment of some cybercafés in some villages such as Batofa and Berseve in addition to the ones set up in Zakho and other areas. 

     The organization started first as a cultural centre but was soon recognized as an NGO by the local authorities in KR. It had the direct support of Mr. Mr. Sarkis Aghajan the former finance minister in KRG. 

     A skilled team of workers, highly trained technicians, engineers, doctors and media workers now work in the organization and offer various services to the people in the area.

      Following are the main activities of the organization:

1. Hezel Quarterly which is issued by the organization and published in Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac. It is colored with a high quality paper. Various cultural, historical, literary social and political topics are published in the journal. It has drawn the interest of many intellectuals. 

The concessionaire of the quarterly is Mr. Sarkis Aghjan and the editor in Chief  is Mr. Ameer G Yousif.

2. Hezel Broadcasting Station which broadcasts various programs to the local public raising different social, cultural, historical and religious issues.

3. Hezel Private School: this primary English, the first of its kind in the area,  was established to support science and education in the area. The teaching staff is specialized in teaching English according to the current teaching programs in KR.



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