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Ankawa Arts Forum

A Profile on the Forum

The forum was established in 2008.

It had the direct support of Mr. Sarkis Aghajan

The management board of the forum comprises five members:

1.     Mr. Rafiq Noori Hanna, head of the forum: BA in Psychology, Diploma in Art Production.

2.     Roni Aprem Felfel, member: BA in Audiovisual Art,

3.     Kamal Daniel Micha: graduate from Babel Pontifical College for Philosophy and Theology, Institute of Catechism . He is also a theatrical artist.

4.     Bayan Jubrael Mansour : Diploma in Arts,

5.     Ihab Fuad al-Maqdisi : singer.


The forum aims at:

1.     contribution in enhancing the level of the art movement in KR and attempt at defining the special identity of the fine arts of our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian People (CSAP).

2.     building bridges between the arts troupes and supporting them in Kurdistan Region (KR) and outside, cooperation and exchange of expertise through mutual work, exchange of visits and the issuing of a culture and art magazine.


The forum comprises three sections: drama, music arts, and plastic arts. Despite their short age, the three sections have managed to present activities on the regional (KR) and national levels.


1. Drama Section: following are the most prominent activities of the section in the TV field:

1.     performance of many TV scenes and short films dubbed into our mother tongue (Syriac) which were all shown on Ishtar TV.

2.     establishment of a Cinema Club at the headquarters of the forum where tens of Syriac, Kurdish and Arabic short films, documentaries  and drama were shown on the Summer Cinema Show in the garden of the forum on which critique discussions were made. The discussions were attended by outstanding Iraqi and Kurdish producers.

3.     Production of a long fiction movie on children that is being produced now by Babylon Co.

4.     Many courses have been held in the field of photography, culture and cinema.


2. Theatre Section

     The theatre section set up the Inanna Troupe for acting. Following are the section’s main activities:


1. Production of many expressionistic and lyric plays on which articles were written in the Kurdish, Arabic and foreign papers, especially the Moron La (Say No) Opera, Oh Sumeil, The Injured of Baghdede, Martyrs Voices as well as other scenes from international plays.


2. the section organized many courses on acting and theatrical production.


3. Music Section: the section has done many activities such as:

1. organization of many courses on singing and playing on the guitar during which theoretical and practical lessons were provided by specialized teachers.

2. participation in many national and international festivals. Prominent among these was the international festival that was recently held in Erbil Governorate during which the section presented dances and folkloric activities in the Chaldean Syriac Assryian traditional costumes during the activities of the French, Turkish, Lebanese and Greek troupes.

3. participation in most of the artistic activities held by the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council.

4. on an invitation from the Media Committee of the Council of Ministers in  (KRG) the section was among tens of Kurdish and Turkomen musical bands in presenting many songs and folklore dances at Sami Abdul-Rahman’s Park which were attended by Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, the Iraqi Foreign Minister and a number of foreign ambassadors on the occasion of Nawroz Holidays.

5. setting up of a troupe specialized in the folklore dance of our (CSA) people.

6. the section held a big mobile carnival on the occasion of Xmas which toured the streets performing artistic works accompanied by Santa and a large group of youth and children in Ankawa. This was followed by a popular celebration in Ankawa Park that was attended by Mr Nawzad Hadi, Governor of Erbil, a number of official, NGOs and large crowds of people.


4. Plastic Art Section: the section has carried out many activities such as:

1. organization of courses in the field of plastic arts.

2. organization of exhibitions through inviting well-known plastic art artists. Troupe (11) of Kurdish Artists was invited to perform woks of art on the pavements of Ankawa.

2. organization of a course on calligraphy and drawing.

3. the section is making preparations to hold a photographic show.


It is worthwhile mentioning that the Forum participated in the Second Babylon Cinema Festival through a short dramatic movie entitled ( Refuge), that was produced by the Directorate General of Cinema/ Ministry of Culture and Youth in KR. The movie won a prize by the festival’s panel of referees.

The Forum was presented with an award by Kurdistan Artists’ Federation for its qualitative and academic activities. Many artists in KR are beginning to take interest in the forum.

Next summer activities:

1.     Production of two plays, one regional and the other international.

2.     opening of the cinema club where one short movie will be shown along with critique sessions for which people specialized in cinema will be invited.

3.     organization of a course on guitar playing.

4.     holding a by-monthly musical soiree,

5.     production of a number of short TV shows on issues closely related to our daily life.

6.     preparations to start with the rehearsals of the Popular Dance Troupe.

7.     holding a course on theatrical acting and the establishment of a (Studio for the Creative).



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