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Al-Tadhamun (solidarity) Organization for Defending Human Rights ( TODHR)

     It is an NGO that supports human rights. It was established through support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan to defend human rights and individual freedom.

     The organization was established in 13/10/2006 and held its first conference in the town of Baghdede ( about 35 km to the east of Mosul) in 26/10/2006 to elect the board of directors that comprises (5) basic members and (2) standby ones.


·        defending basic human rights such as food, shelter and drinking.

·        Defending human dignity and respect for his rights and freedoms in their comprehensive human sense and help develop them for the better.

·        Defending women and children rights.

·        Defending the entity and identity of our Iraqi society in general and our Chaldean, Syriac Assyrian people in particular.

·        Siding with the victims of human right violation in solidarity, sustenance and support.

Main Activities:

1.     organization of seminars for various social sectors to raise their awareness of human rights based on the Human Rights Charter approved by the United Nations, particularly women and child rights.

2.     support the youth and raise their awareness to enable them practice their life in a democratic and organized way and raise their awareness on the issue of enjoying personal freedom a proper way that serves the society and its development.

3.     the organization takes special care for people of special needs and orphans. It also follows up the manner of their sustenance , living needs offering them support in material and kind because they are and integral part of society that can be developed to help them be more effective and productive. The organization has held many special workshops for them on various hygienic and scientific aspects.

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