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The Syriac Center for Childhood Talents (SCCT)


     The Syriac Center for Childhood Talents is an NGO that cares for talented children viewed as an energy to be maintained and supported as a driving power that helps push society forward and a pen that writes down history.

     Talented children posses special potentials that the centre strives to discover edify, care for, develop, and invest with an aim to build a developed civil and humane society.

     The center was founded in 22/09/2006 through support and guidance from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan. It held its first conference in Baghdede in 29/09/ 2009 to elect the Center’s managerial board comprising (7) basic members and (2) standby ones.


·        Setting the normal conditions for the development of children’s talents

·        Developing means of discovering and getting to know talented children and providing adequate care for them in cooperation with the bodies concerned.

·        Work to provide special educational aids for talented children on all aspects.

·        Holding shows and scientific conferences to highlight talented children’s achievements.

Main Activities:

·        The center holds courses and workshops for teaching theoretical lessons according to an annual program.

·        The center holds regular scouting camps in different areas

·        Musical bands have been formed to teach the talented children   how to play music on various musical instruments.

·        Holding personal art galleries for plastic artists

·        Holding conferences and scientific lectures related to child psychology.

·        The center hold various support courses for the primary, secondary and high school children in various subjects such as physics, English language, math, Arabic language and chemistry.

Main projects achieved:

1.     Idol Theater project.

2.     The Syriac Troupe for Chanting

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