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Telkef Sports Club


The club was established in the Distric of Telkef in 2003 following the approval made for the foundation body of the club to establish Telkef Sports Club by the municipal council of the District of Telkef coupled with the approval of the Mayor of Telkef District and the Nineveh Governorate Council / Sports Coordination Office as well as the approval of Mr. Ghanim al – Basso, the Mayor of Nineveh in 07/02/ 2003.

The club has a managerial body comprising 7 members and 2 standby ones as follows:

·        Sham’aoon G. Andraeus, head of the club.

·        Sabah S. Khalil , deputy head

·        Dany D. Vivian, secretary

·        Ayman W. Sa’eed , Finance manager

·        Ghassan F. Ya’aqub , member

·        Mu’ayad H. Zaiay, member

·        Jacklin Y. Khzeran, member,

·        Laurence S. Abed , standby

·        Isho W. Sawrisho, standby


The club has 8 teams for men: football for advanced, youth, beginners, teenagers, and schools as well as volleyball for advanced and beginners.

As for women teams, the club has two, one for volleyball and another for women’s football.

The headquarters of the club was opened on the 12th September 2003 by the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Nineveh and by the Olympic Committee. The opening ceremony was attended by dignitaries and senior officials of the District of Telkef.


The club then started its sports activities and participated in various sports championships during which it achieved good standing among the various sports clubs in the governorate of Nineveh .


The headquarters of the club was in a building that was rented from the district municipality for a sum of ID 750,000 annually. The club covered most of its activities through self funding depending on the revenues made by the club’s cafeteria and billiard as well as from the donations made by citizens in the area.


In 2005 the club’s activities came to a halt when they were boycotted by the Youth and Sports Directorate as well as the Olympic Committee  of the Governorate of Nineveh for security reasons and because there were no sports facilities in the district such as closed halls, official playgrounds where athletes could practice their activities and participate in the athletic events with the rest sports clubs in the governorate.


Following the stopping of the club’s activities that lasted for about six months, a delegation was set up by the club that paid repeated visits to the Office of Mr. Sarkis Aghjan in Ankawa at the end of which the club was provided with both moral and financial support.


The sports activities were thus once again resumed in the District of Telkef. Many sports committees were set up in the villages of the Plain of Nineveh such as Batanya, Mar Oraha, Tellesqef, Baqufa, al Sharafiya, Alqush, Bartilah and Karemles under the supervision of Telkef Sports Club.


Between years 2006-8 numerous sports and recreational activities were held on many occasions during which the sports committees were changed into independent sports clubs that belonged to the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council (CSAPC).


The club has been carrying out its sports activities and games. It has been training and striving to enhance the level of its teams’ competence. It has participated in many sports activities with other sports clubs belonging to the Governorate of Nineveh and other national clubs.


We would like finally to express our thanks and appreciation for the unlimited support made by Mr. Sakris Aghajan for sports activities and athletes in the Plain of Nineveh. Our thanks also go to the CSAPC for its continuous support.


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