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Karemles Sports Club

The club lies in the village of Karemles some thirty kilometers to the east of Mosul . It was established in 18/04/1970 and then reestablished in 10/07/2003 through support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan.

The club has a managerial board of 7 members with 2 standby ones. It has  different teams for both men and women:

The men’s teams are as follows:

·        Football ( pioneers, advanced, youth, beginners, adults and children)

·        Volleyball (advanced, youth)

·        Basketball ( advanced, youth)

·        Ping Pong (advanced, youth)

·        Chess (advanced , youth)

·        Track & Field

·        Physical Fitness

·        Paragliding

Women’s Teams:

Volleyball : (Advanced, Young girls)


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