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Mar Oraha Sports Club

The club lies in the village of Mar Oraha in the district of Telkef. It was founded in 22/09/ 2007 through support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan. It has a managerial board of 3 members:

1.     Thamir Hanna Aziz: head of the board

2.     Adeeb Najeeb Razooqi : secretary

3.     Samir Gewargis Aha’aya: finance manager

Number of Teams: there are 7 teams for men and 2 for women.

Men’s team:

1.     Five-game football team

2.     Volleyball

3.     Pingpong

4.     Chess

5.     Bicycles

6.     Badminton Tennis

7.     Billiard

Women’s teams:

1.     Volleyball

2.     Pingpong


The club represents the village of Mar Oraha.



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