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Suraya Sports Club


The club lies in the city of Qaraqush ( Bahgdede) near Rafidain Bank. It was founded in 2007 through support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan, with a managerial board of (9) members as follows:

1.     Na’aeem Mosa Ni’amat : head of the club

2.     Bassam Aziz Mansour: Vice head of the club

3.     Majid Wadi’a Azzo: Seretary

4.     Huda Barnar Jarjis: Finance

5.     Talal Abbo Abba: member

6.     Sabah Jameel Habash: member

7.     Waleed Koma Bolus: member

8.     Ghalib Mousa Qaqo: member

9.     Iven Turki Isaaq : member

The club has (10) teams for men and (3) for women


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