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Retirees Family Club in Ankawa


Following numerous discussions among the retirees in Ankawa, it was found necessary to find a place for them and their families where they could enjoy themselves. The by-law of the Club was prepared, written down and discussed by the founding body that was set up for this purpose. The body  comprised (20) retirees. Approval was granted to found the club following the submission of a request.

A managerial body was formed out of the founding body comprising (9) members who supervised the furnishing of the club which was found through support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan. The club was opened in 09/05/2007 by the mayor of Ankawa Sub-district and the elderly retirees.

The first election of the managerial board of the first term was carried out in 21/11/ 2008 and the second term in 10/ 01/ 2011. In addition to the managerial board, the following committees were set up to run the affairs of the club:

-         Social activities committee

-         Public relations, culture and media committee

-         Hygienic monitoring committee

-         Retirees Fund committee

-         Maintenance Committee

-         Financial Monitoring Committee

The best services were offered to the retirees and their families on various levels as follows:

On the health care level, a medical unit was established in the club to help the retirees, especially those with endemic diseases and offer them free medical care. Besides, a dentistry as well as a pediatric clinic were opened.

The retirees and their grandchildren also enjoy other special privileges .

On the recreational level, a casino was established to offer the elderly the best services through the provision of all kinds of entertainment such as the dice game, domino, chess, and cards. Such games cannot be described as gambling games because gambling is totally prohibited. There is also a restaurant and a bar that offer their services on reasonable prices compared to other restaurants.


The social level can be briefly described as follows:

-         Tourist trips: the club has organized many such trips for its members and their families to various tourist areas in Kurdistan Region whereby all costs pertaining to transportation, hall renting and sitting places were covered by the club. The club also organized a trip to Lebanon in the summer of 2009 in coordination with a tourist company at low prices.

-         Parties: the club has held many parties in the halls and open parks of the club whose expenses were covered by the club. These included the costs of the musical bands and singers who excelled in their songs and good voices.

-         The managerial board has participated in all the social, national and religious occasions in addition to paying visits to patient retirees offering condolences to the relatives of those who passed away.

On the cultural and media level:

-         Many cultural and social seminars have been held in the club’s hall by specialized people in various cultural, literary, health, historical and archaeological disciplines as well as on NGOs.

-         Extensive meetings have been held with the general body to discuss the club’s affairs and help push them forward. During those meetings new proposals were made to offer better services to the club’s members. Besides, two extensive meetings were held to amend the club’s by-law.

-         On initiative from the club’s managerial board, many meetings have been held with NGOs to discuss the present situation of the Sub-district of Akwawa during which suggestions were made to find solutions to the problems faced by the town.

With regard to offering services to the retired people, the clubs fund, which is supported by donations made by the club’s members, offered financial support to the needy members during urgent cases such as death, surgical operations, need, and catastrophes.

On the level of athletics, the club has organized sports programs for the retirees in cooperation with Akkad Sports Club during which members of the club were given access to practice simple physical exercises and other sports that suit their physical conditions and ages. These activities have been covered by Ishtar TV since 2007.



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