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Sharafiya Sports Club


The club lies in the district of telkef / Alqush sub-district in the village of Sharafiya .

It was established in 29/09/ 2007 through support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan. The club has a managerial board of (5) members as follows:

1.     Ramzi Qeryo Nanno

2.     Sarkhaddon Edward Youhannan

3.     Nabeel Polus Yaqu

4.     Sargon Sham’aoon Shmuel

5.     Youkhanna Dawood Youhanna


It has ( 3) teams for men and (1) for women. The Club has participated in many championships:

1.     Unity basketball championship for women in Sharafiya

2.     Salam volleyball championship for women in Telleskef

3.     The Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Council’s championship for men in Alqush/ Telleskef

4.     Mini-soccer tournament for pioneers in Telleskef

5.     Mini-soccer tournament for women in Alqush

6.     Mini-soccer tournament for male beginners in Alqush

7.     Mini-soccer tournament for advanced ( men) in Batnaya

8.     Table tennis tournament for advanced (men) in Alqush

9.     Table tennis tournament for youth (men) in Alqush

10.                        Chess tournament for advanced ( men) in Alqush


The club has won many awards :

1.     First place in The Chaldean Syriac Assyrian tournament in volleyball (men)

2.     First place in Itihad tournament in volleyball for women

3.     second place in Salam volleyball tournament for women.


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