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Nineveh Cooperative Association Cooperative Society for Productive Families

The Cooperative Society of Productive Families (CSPF) was founded in Hamdaniya according to the cooperation law published in the Iraqi Official Gazette dated 08/10/1991.The society has been conducting its productive activities in 01/11/1991 depending on member productive families and production means such as sewing machines abandoned by the General Federation for Cooperation that were distributed on the members of the general body on a loan basis to produce various kinds of clothes on a retail basis.

As most of the members of the society came from poor families, the society sought to acquire raw materials making use of complementary materials from productive factories that were functioning before 2003.

Due to market changes and because of the exceptional circumstances our country went through and also due to the special character of the area and unavailability of cash due to poor capital support and the freezing of the society’s capital since 2005, it has become increasingly difficult for the society to continue with production. 

Hence, the society started offering consumptive and service activities to carry on with its general affairs. It then enjoyed an unlimited support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan, the first sponsor of our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian peoples’ institutions as well as the big role assumed by the Senior Body of Christian Affairs in Baghdede through offering  symbolic financial rewards to the members of the management, monitors, and some workers.

The Christian Affairs Body has had a prominent role in following up the law suit case filed against the Assyrian Women Association in Hamdaniya in cooperation with the Coopertive Federation in Nineveh by covering all the expenses incurred as a result of the lawsuit which was eventually won when the building housing the headquarters of the society was restored back to the society.

Following is the organization chart of the society:

One: administration

1.     Ghosoon Soreesh Michael, president of the managerial board

2.     Bushra Bolus Ayouka, vice president

3.     Ivan Yousif Ayoub, secretary

4.     Victoria Sa’ado Anto, member

5.     Saleema Sa’aeed Butrus, member

Two: monitoring                   

             1. Samira Ishoa’ Elyas, head of the monitoring committee

              2. Nadia Matti Bolus, deputy

        3.Suzi Dawood Habeeb , secretary

Three: staff

        1.Danial Mousa Jamjoom, volunteer accountant for cooperative  


        2.In’aam Bolus Ayouka, cashier

             3.Ikhlas Matti Ya’aqoob, assistant warehouse keeper

        4.Faris Sawreesh, authorized follow-up officer



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