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Syriacs’ Troupe for cinema and theatrical arts in Baghdede

The troupe was founded following official approval from the ministry of culture in Baghdad and the Iraqi Artists’ Association as per the letter Ref 36 dated02/09/ 2007.

The troupe comprises 20 artists who graduated from the colleges and institutes of fine arts in all disciplines and a number of gifted children. 

During the period 2007 through 2011 the troupe performed many dramatic works and  short TV films. It has had many invitations from Canada , Sweden ,Morocco , and Netherlands to participate in the theatrical festivals in those countries but due to certain circumstances, only the Tangier international festival invitation was answered.

Main activities:

1.     2007 (Horses’ Whinny Tone) a play performed in cooperation with Qaraqush Diocese.

2.     2008 ( Our Beautiful Rights) a play for children performed in cooperation with the International Medical Association

3.     2009 ( First cinema festival held by Artists’ Association which included three short films:

a.     Film of Peace

b.     Why

c.      Don’t kill our children

The films depict the martyrs of our people and the theme of forced displacement

4.     Remote Control , a play performed in Tangier International Festival in Morocco in 2010.

5.     Operetta of Alienation in cooperation with Iraqi Journalists’ Association/ Baghdad in 2011 .

6.     Workshop on scenario writing and TV photography

7.     The troupe won the award of best actor and best cenograph with a certificate of appreciation in 2009.  

The troupe gets financial supported from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan through the Christian Affairs Body in Baghdede. He also covered the expenses incurred during the troupe’s visit to Morocco to take part in Tangier International Festival.

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