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Syriac Centre for Culture and Arts Why a Syriac Centre?

Due to the cultural vacuum in Qaraqush (Baghdede), and in order to enhance and raise the various cultural potentials in the town, a group of intellectuals agreed to found a cultural centre that would embrace and develop such gifts.

Following meetings held every now and then for more than three months, a preparatory body was formed whose duty it was to hold a founding conference in February 2004 in Dar Mar Bolus for Ecclesiastical Services ( St. Pauls Centre for Ecclesiastical Services) . Out of the conference emerged a managerial board of (13) members. The board held its first meeting in 22 February 2004 to lay down the broad lines of the centre’s work. And ever since its establishment, the centre has been enjoying the generous material and moral support of Mr. Sarkis Aghajan.

Formation of the Managerial Board

Following an elective conference, the managerial board was formed headed by Mr. Sami Lalo Chahoola. Other committees were formed out of the managerial board whose task has been to activate the various activities of the centre such as: heritage revival committee, scientific committee, cultural committee, sports committee, scouts committee, and finance committee.  

Members of the managerial board:

1.     Wa’adallah  Eliya:  head .

2.     Nimrud Qasha: secretary.

3.     Shamma Yalda Karroomi: secretary of finance/ member

4.     Sabah Marzena Zomaya: in charge of the heritage committee/ member

5.     Hazim ‘Azer Kacho: in charge of the public relations committee/ member.

6.     Nashwan al-Qas Eliyas: in charge of the scientific committee/member.

7.     Mu’ayad Habeeb Zakko: in charge of the scouting committee/ member.

8.     Sameer Sliwa Mikho: in charge of the sports committee / member.

9.     Khalil Abdal Jando: in charge of the follow up committee/ member.

10.                        Matti Isho’a Gethya: in charge of the popular troupe / member. 

The centre has been issuing a journal entitled Al-Muthaqaf Al-Seryani (The Cultured Syriac), a cultural, hereditary and general quarterly of which 4 Nos have so far been issued. 

Concessionaire: Fr. Luis Qasab

Editor in chief: Wa’adallh Eliya

Editing manager: Bashar al-Baghdedi

Editing secretary: Nimrud Qasha

Desing and production: Nadir ‘Aulo

Photography: Matti Gethya.


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