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History and Heritage Office in Baghdede (Qaraqush)


Approval was given to establish the office in 01/ 09/ 2009 through support from Mr. Sarkis Ahajan. 

In October 2008, a first meeting was held with a number of supporting members sponsored by Fr. Luis Qassab whereby Dr. Yousif Jarjis was made the first secretary of the office.

Although the office was given the above name, it has an independent character making use of support made by some writers and researchers. This is so because its objective is limited to highlighting the cultural and scientific aspects based on exceptional individual efforts. 

A monthly sum of ID 500,000 was allocated to the office. In the first years of its work, the office used to have an independent headquarter with evening office hours based on the efforts made by Fr. Luis Qassab and Yousifl Altuny with additional support from some people interested in cultural activities. Most of the financial allocations were spent on rent and other monthly expenses of the office. 

In 2010, the office was directly linked to the Christian Affairs Office  wit an objective to direct some of its simple allocations for the support of cultural issues undertaken by the office. 

The work of the office is restricted to intellectual and cultural works represented in the Christian and Syriac heritage. The office had in this respect some remarkable works that can be summarized as follows:

1.     Writing and publication of Syriacs’ Photography in the Middle History by Fr. Luis Qassab and Dr. Yousif Altuni (2008).

2.     Translation and publication of Syriac Manuscripts’ miniatures in theVatican Library under No 559 by Fr. Luis Qassab and Dr. Yousif Altuni (2009).

3.     Translation of The Christian Ashur by Fr. Morris Fie by Fr. Luis Qassab and Dr. Yousif Altuni and sister Fida’a Kakki. Volume one is entered in the computer and ready for printing (2011), the second volume is translated and ready on the computer.

4.     The Book of Turabdin: A Cultural Heritage, in Dutch and English that was translated from English by Dr.Yousif Altuni and Mr. Fadi Butrus Habash. It is ready for printing.

5.     The Syriac Anaphora by Mar Ya’aqub the messenger ( The Lords Brother) translated from English by Fr. Luis Qassab. The book is ready for printing.

6.     Achievement of Ishtar Encyclopedia on Cristian Scholars in the twentieth century. The book comprises three volumes and is ready for printing.

7.     The Book of the Immortals, by Basim Isho’a. It is  a sizeable book on the martyrs of Baghdede during the 20th century.

8.     Data collection and writing a book on the Historical Dictionary of the town of Baghdede , by Fr. Luis Qassab and Dr. Yousif Altuny.

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