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Establishment of the scouting movement in Mar Gorgis Church in Bahzani


The first scouting regiment was established in the Church of Mar Gorgis in Bahzani on 12/ 09/ 2005 through the efforts made by Khorepiscopus Afram the church minister and his concern to offer services to the members of the church in all aspects, especially to the youth.

He developed the idea after seeing many church scouting teams he happened to visit in Syria , Lebanon , European countries.

He came up with the idea of founding a scouting team that belonged to the church. He proposed the idea to the Melli Council (Local Council) a year before its establishment. The council both approved and applauded the idea. Encouraged by the council, the first scouting regiment to be founded in Iraqwas in Mar Gorgis Church in Bahzani in the aftermath of the last regime change. The team is made up of a scouting team, counselor’s team, scouting cubs, flock Jerames and boquet flowers. 

The first meeting was held in 14/ 09/ 2005 which has been commemorated as the Syriacs Scouting Day in Bahzani every year.

Khorepiscopus Afram has had a pioneer role in founding the scouting regiment for which he provided all the needed requirements by the regiment.

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Sarkis Aghajan who had a big role in supporting the scouting team and its various needs.

The leadership of the regiment comprises 7 members :

1. Head, 2. Deputy, 3. Secretary, 4. Cashier, 5. Supplies and Store manager, 6. Head of public relations, 7. Accoutant

A profile on Scouting

Scouting education movement is an educational and social means for a sound rehabilitation of cub scouts in life by providing them with training on discipline, order, cooperation, charity, self-dependence, and honesty so that they may grow up into good citizens who carry out their duties through a self-drive and free will. Scouting works to provide its members with orientation towards sublime ends that serve the general good for them and the community. This is the objective of education in modern age.

Such an orientation has many facades that include religious, national, social, physical, and hygienic orientation in addition to transcendent activities and scouting arts.

Scouting has three basic principles:

Duty towards God

Duty towards others

Duty towards the self.

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