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Youth Body of Mart Shmoony Assyrian Church in Telkef

This youth body was founded in 2003 following approval by His Beatitude Mr Gewargis Sliwa Esq. the Patriarchal Vicar of the Assyrian Church of the East in Iraq.

It is financially supported from Sarkis Aghajan and supervised by Yousif Benjamin, the Pastor of the Church.

It started its tasks in 15/06/2003. The term of the body is two years. A month before the end of the term the formation of a new body is announced by an official statement in the church.

Following registration of the candidates, the head of the organization is elected along with heads of committees by secret ballot by those committees and through the supervision of the church pastor who is the general supervisor of the body.

The Youth Body has the  following committees

1.    Education committee

2.    Arts committee

3.    Sports committee

4.    Finance committee

5.    Organizing committee

6.    Liturgy committee

7.    The church library

8.    Congregation of Mar Toma the apostle

9.    Congregation of Mart Shmoony

The above committees carry out their duties under the supervision of the head of the Youth Body and through coordination with the church pastor.


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