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Voice of Peace Radio

In the summer of 2005, the then Bishop of the Diocese of Mosul and its affiliates of the Syriac Catholic Church, Mar Baselius Jarjis Qas Musa, held a meeting with a group of intellectuals and media men in the Church of Mar Gorges in Bartillah. A suggestion was then made to start a radio station of a cultural and religious nature that would display the history, heritage, and folklore of our people in addition to some recreational programs. A preparatory committee was set up to undertake the task of writing the financial, administrative, and technical reports to start such a project.

On the first of May 2006, and through financial support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan, the Voice of Peace Radio launched its regular broadcast from 7: 00 am to 8: 00 pm on FM with a frequency of (105,5) MH, and a transmission area of 150 km.

The broadcasting program includes a number of religious, cultural, recreational, and media programs in addition to special ones to cover religious, national, social and national occasions as well as meetings with personalities.


The station comprises the following sections:

1.    Religious

2.    Cultural

3.    Miscellaneous


1.    Promulgation of Christian and human culture and opening up to the universal church.

2.     Showing the history and civilization of Mesopotamia .

3.    Activation of the general cultural movement and contribution in highlighting the gifs which are in harmony with the stations course of action.

4.    Covering the ecclesial, cultural, social and artistic activities of our people.


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