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News: Rioters in Zakho Attack Assyrian Liquor Shops, Hotels, Parlors, Social Clubs

Dohuk - Riots by Islamist Kurds broke out in the northern town of Zakho on Friday afternoon.

Angry youth mobs chanting Allah Akhbar torched and destroyed Assyrian and Yezidi-owned businesses such as liquor stores, hotels, casinos, massage parlors in the northern town of Zakho.

The violence spilled into nearby towns of Dohuk and Semel. Many Assyrian social clubs and homes were also attacked throughout the province.

A group of 100 local Islamist attacked the Assyrian Saint Daniel Church and many Christian homes in Mansouriyah on December 3. Locals claim young students were instigated by teachers.

The Assyrian Nohadra Social Club in Dohuk, The Yezidi Health Club in Dohuk, The Wan Restaurant in Semel and a number of Christian homes in the village of Sheoz.

Angry pro-government supporters that belonged to the Kurdistan Democratic Party suspected the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Kurdistan Islamic Union clerics behind the violence and attacked offices of the Islamic party in Dohuk and Erbil overnight. However in an official statement, the KUI denied any connections to the riots.

The Kurdish intelligence agency Asaish arrested several KUI members of parliament and high officials within the party.

The President of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the event.

In an offical press release, he stated: "I condemn both these unlawful acts. I call on the people of the Kurdistan Region to preserve our traditions of ethnic and religious co-existence. I have ordered the formation of a committee to look into these disturbances and bring to justice those responsible."

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