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A Profile on Al-Haqeeqa (Truth) Magazine


The quarterly is issued by the Syriac Orthodox Culture Centre in Bartillah.

The editor in chief is Fr. Dawood Sleman Doosha

Vice editor: Sa’aeed Toma Ibrahim

Editorial Staff:

-         Faraj Shaba Behnam

-         Daniel Shaba Behnam

-         Behnam Daniel Hezqiel

Design, production and printing: Aghareed Abdallah Shaba , Bushra Hanna Shaba, ‘Aaida Isaac Matti.

The quarterly is issued in Arabic and Syriac

Objectives: it is a cultural, social and religious magazine

Date of first issue: April 2004

Financial support: the office of Rabi Sarkis Aghajan

Electronic Address: alhaqeeqa@yaho.com

Tel: The Syriac Orthodox Culture Centre in Bartillah ( + 313788).   



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