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Al-Yanabee’a is a journey of unique ecclesiastical media

Al-Yanabee’a is a becoming name for the journal that is a mouthpiece of the Syriac Orthodox church of Mar Gorges in Bahzani. It is a religious, cultural, and social quarterly. The first issue of the journal was published in May 2006 and it has been in circulation thanks to the support from Mr. Sarkis Ahajan.

It is a continuous out-flowing spring of knowledge and renewed gift in spiritual, historical, social, cultural, literary, athletic, hereditary and other aspects of life.

We thank God that through such a modest staff working in the journal, we manage every season to issue a new number. This is possible because the work staff have pledged to serve readers challenging all the obstacles and problems that face them and hinder the progress of the journal and taking up the title of the journal “ yanbee’a” as a slogan never to stop.

It is indeed a distinguished media and ecclesiastic journey and I am proud to say that it is almost the only journal in the area which is solely interested in the spiritual aspects of life while, on the other hand, it addresses other various aspects of life, because the objective is to build man in a healthy intellectual way based on the concepts and values of our Lord Jesus Christ Glory to him, who is the source of charity, good, and peace for all humanity.

In the name of the journal’s staff, we give a pledge to our blessed readers to go ahead with this ecclesiastical and media mission that is intended to serve the good and happiness of man and aims at edify and building his character and steer it toward the right path.

So far 14 numbers of the quarterly have been issued since 2006. In pride and appreciation we remember all the staff working in this field who have done everything possible for the journal to appear in the right image best picture and to be at the top among other journals issued in the area and to offer benefit and entertainment to its readers.

Here I have to stress two important points of which our quarterly and other Christian journals suffer, i.e., a lack of qualitative ecclesiastical writers in the present materialistic age when material gains have overshadowed everything. The second and more important point is lack of readers and interest by people in reading books and magazines compared to the past when books had a high value in man’s life, and when people used to go on a spree to buy those books which edified their souls and straightened their conduct. Today’s people are overwhelmingly busy. Modern means of modern technology and information are occupying a large part of their time and have had a negative impact on reading books and magazines.

I would like here to call upon our ecclesiastic writers of various titles and levels to seriously contribute to our journal through their articles, creative writings, cultural and intellectual activities so that the quarterly may make better progress.

The connoisseur of Al-Yanbee’a is His Eminence Mar TemathaeusMosa Al-Shamani and the editor in chief is Fr. Khorepiscopus Afram Al-Khouri Benjamin. The direct supervisor of the journalis Fr. Abdallah Al-Khouri Benjanim, and the secretary is Deacon Ma’an Matti Rasheed. The editorial staff comprises : Loay Y. Sulayman, Humam W. Afram, Imad H. Ya’aqub, Bassam Sh. Sa’aeed, and Wheeb A. Khalil.

Also working with the journal for the past years are:

Dumyan M. Juna, Balsam Gh. Abdul-Ahad, Nasman S. Ibrahim, Karam Sh. Khidre, Bolus J. Bolus, Arjan M. Malallah, Sabah S. Aziz, Rasha M. Elias, Fadiya B. Kamel, Nagham S. Zakar, Wasan Salem Eliya, and Bayda’a A. Ablahad.

To conclude, I would like to stress the pledge of the editorial staff of Al – Yanabee’a to do everything possible to make our quarterly one of the top ones in the area through the subjects dealt with and the fixed topics it contains.

May God bless the efforts of all    


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