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Najmul-Mashriq Journal




Najmul-Mashriq is a religious, cultural, and social quarterly published by the Chaldean Patriarchate of Babel. 


a. The quarterly draws its first and foremost objective from the gospel verse, said by the Magi who left their eastern homes looking for the new born Messiah: “ We saw a star in the East” (Mat: 2:2).

And as the star led the way for the Magi to meet Christ, so does the journal in leading the steps of the faithful towards the ways that lead them to discover Christ and embody his transcendent parables in their lives. 

b. The word “ Mashreq” refers to the cultural setting in which our Church of the East lived in Mesopotamia , and where the message of the gospel interplayed with its deeply-rooted civilizations: the Sumerian, Akkadian, Chaldean, Assyrian, Syriac,  and Arabic. Out of this interaction emerged the genuine eastern heritage of our church. The journal therefore endeavors to acquaint its readers with its eastern christen heritage: the Liturgical and Canonical theology in addition to the official teaching of the universal church. 

c. Since many followers of our church have left Iraq and settled down in the diasporah: Arab, European, American and other countries, Al-Mashriq journal strives to be a means of communication between them and the faithful at home in Iraq . It thus provides them with news on their activities and contributes to augmenting the bonds of unity amongst them.

d. Although Najmul-Mashriq is the mouth peace of the Chaldean Patriarchate , it is not self-confined. Rather, it strives to be the journal of all the faithful of the churches of the east, i.e., the Assyrian , Syriac, Armenian, and Latin, and publish their news in an ecumenical spirit. 

e. Najmul-Mashriq would like to be a forum of dialogue for the Iraqi religions and civilizations with all the followers of other faiths, i.e., Muslims, Sabaites, Yezidies..ect.


On request by the late Patriarch Rafael Bidawid (The Trinity Blessing be upon him), the Iraqi Ministry of Culture and Information granted in 23/02/ 1994, concession to publish the journal of “ Najmul-Mashriq. Following is a quotation of the letter by the ministry’s director general to his beatitude: “ I am pleased to let your Eminence know that permission has been granted to publish a non-political journal under the name” Najmul-Mashriq” to be the mouth peace of the Chaldean Patriarchate in the three languages of Arabic, Syriac and English, and the editor in chief of the journal is Dr. Jack Isaac…” 

So, the first No was published in 25/02/ 1995 in Al-Adeeb Printing House , and the journal has been in circulation ever since without any interruption. So far 65 numbers have been issued. And here we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Sarkis Aghajan for his continuous support in developing and continuation of the journal

Editorial Staff

The editorial staff consists of:

Bishop Jack Isaac: editor in chief


Fr. Alber Abuna

Fr. Salem Saka

Fr. Habeeb al-Naufali

Fr. Azad Sabri

Fr. Basil Yaldo

Fr. Alber Hisham Na’aum

5. Administraion

Manager: Mr. Bassam Sabri Nagara

Accountant: Luna Kamel

A staff of 8 people work on typesetting and other activities.   


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