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Dar “ Najmul-Mashreq Publishing House and Bainal-Nahrein Journal

Najmul-Mashreq carries out the following activities:

1.    Issuance of “ Bainal-Nahrein” journal, a cultural and heritage quarterly founded in 1973. It publishes scholarly articles on Mesopotamian civilization, Iraqi Christian heritage, and Iraqi Islamic heritage .The connoisseur of the journal is Bishop Jack Isaac. The members of the editorial are : Fr. Dr. Mansour al-Mukhalessi, Dr. Faisal Majhool, Hikmat al-Aswad, AshurMelhem, Dr. Narmin A. Muhamad Amin. The manager of the journal is Bassam Sabri Nagara.

2.    The house publishes cultural books. The number of the published books has reached 28 such as: The Shadow of Jesus the Galilaian by Fr. Alber Abuna, 2004, Fishkhabour, by Fr. Alber Abuna, 2004, Religious Doctrines in Mesopotamia, by Fr. Alber Abuna, 2004, Bibliography of Syriac Manuscripts at the Library of the Chaldean Diocese of Erbil, by Bishop Jack Issac, 2005, Morals: A Call, by Fr. Bashar Matti Warda 2008, Readings in the Archaeology of Ancient Civilizations, by Dr. Behnam Abul-Suf 2008, A Song and a Sermon, by Dr. Faisal Majhool, 2011.

3.    Publication of the Liturgical Calendar of the Chaldean Patriarchate of Babel since 1990.

4.    The house has established a library that contains all the Christian magazines issued in Iraq since 1902. The library is open for readers.

5.    The house has established a library that contains various cultural books. The library is open for readers.  



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