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Baghdede Voice Journal

It is a monthly cultural, literary and general magazine issued in Qaraqush/ Baghded. It was issued in June 2003 to be the first publication officially issued for our people in the Plain of Nineveh in the aftermath of the last regime change.

It was issued in eight pages (half-size) in two colors till No. 24 in 2006. The journal became fully colored following support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan. It now issued in four colours size ¾.

The editorial staff managed to issue special issues of the journal to cover special occasions and events; for we issued a No. to cover the targeting by terrorists of the university students in Baghdede, and another on the terrorist attack on Our Lady of Salvation Church inBaghdad . The journal has managed to draw the attention of many writers, men of literature and cultured people from among our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people as well as others from the other components of the Iraqi people who contribute to the journal with their various essays, stories, and features. It has won the confidence of all and has an electronic website on the internet. The journal has been issued regularly every month.

Our ambition is:

1.    to continue with issuing special Nos. to cover nationalist and religious occasions.

2.    increase the printed issue from 1000 copies to 3000 to cover all the areas where our people live.

3.    offer renumerating rewards to contributors , writers, editors and distributers to encourage them to continue with their contributions.

4.    launching a new and modern electronic website on the internet as we are at present hosted by a site belonging to a member of our people abroad.

The above was a briefing on the Voice of Baghdede Jounal, with our thanks and appreciation to all who have been supporting us and helped with the continuation of the journal till now.


The editorial body:

Dr. Behnam Attalah: editor in chief

Editorial Staff:

Amal al-Wakeel

Salah Sarkis

Firas Heesa

Adhra’a Sabah

Zeena George/ Bartillah

Basima Nooh



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