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Mawtwa Ammaya (Popular Council) Journal

It is a general nationalist, cultural and political seasonal magazine issued every three months.

Connoisseur: The Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council (CSAPC) – Duhok

Editor in Chief: Dr. Behnam Attalah

Editing Manager: Afram Fadheel al-Bahro

Editorial Staff:

-         Robin Bethshmuel

-         Bejamin Haddad

-         Issam Shaba Felfel

Editorial secretary: this task is assigned to Ghazi Aziz al-Tellani

Language expert: Hurmez Khamis Matti

Design and technical production: Ghazi Aziz al-Tellani

Languages: Arabic, Syriac

The first (zero) issue of the magazine was published in August 2008.

Financial support: the office of Mr. Sarkis Aghajan

Electronic mail: mawtwa_ammaya@yahoo.com

Electronic website: http://www.ishtartv.com/lp,1,sawra.html


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