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Al-A’ayan Journal

·        The journal was issued on approval from Nineveh Governorate/ Media Section via their letter No. 146 dated 26/10/2006.

·        It is a general social and cultural quarterly which pulishes among other things the activities of the Council of Elites and its committees.

·        The journal is printed in 50 pages six of which are in colour.

·        The zero No. was issued in May 2007.

·        Financial support: Mr. Sarkis Aghajan.

·        So far 16 Nos of the quarterly have been issued.

·        The quarterly is supervised by the members of the culture and media committee at the Elites Council.

·        Connoisseur: Salem Y. Ofi, head of the council.

·        Editor in Chief: Estipho J. Habash, deputy head of the council.

·        Editing Secretary: Ibrahim Y. Hano, officer in charge of the culture and media committee.

·        Editors: members of the culture and media committee: Ramzi Hurmez, Jebbo Behnam,Ghassan Salem, and Zakaria Ena.

·        Members of culture and media committee: Ibrahim Yousif, Ramzi Humez, Jebbo Behnam, Ghassan Salem, Kareem Ena, Abdul-Ghani Jarjis, Faraj Elias Asho, Yousif Yasho’a, Tariq Azzo, Hazim A’azar, Najeeb Shaba, Shakir Majeed, Jamal Isso, Sabriya Nissan.

·        Caricture: Emad Badre

·        Offset: Arkan George, Ina’am Marzena

·        Design & Technical Production: Dominik Yousif



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