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Al-Nawatir Journal

It is a general cultural monthly magazine. The first No of the journal was issued in November 2005. It is issued by Baghdede Guards Body through direct support from Rabi Sarkis Aghajan. The supervisors of the journal chose to give it the name Nawatir, a Syriac word derived from “Natoore” (derived from the verb ntar and the infinitive is natar ) Natora is a masculine verbal noun, meaning vineyard guard. The word was borrowed as it is by Arabic (Nawatir), a word that has come to be used to refer to the people whose job it is to guard public or private property freely or for a token wage,  too little compared with the service rendered. The word Radif is a synonym for Nawatir.


The first No of the magazine was issed in a small size of 23 pages. For the second issue ther was an improvement in design and colours. Besides, the number of pages was increased to 44 pages. In the 3rd number, the pages reached 60 in a relatively small size. And since the 4th No. of the magazine it has been published in the present form of 60 pages with the excepton of special issues.

The No of the issues published so far has reached 67 in April 2011

Magazine Sections: 

1.     Report reviews,

2.     History,

3.     Folklore,

4.     Medicine and Sciences,

5.     Culture,

6.     Child Literature,

7.     Caricature ,

8.     Ideas,

9.     News,

10.                        Entertainment,

11.                         Unforgettable Characters,

12.                         Characters and Biographies

13.                        To you my lady,

14.                        Selections,

15.                        Pictures from Memory,

16.                        Arts,

17.                        Syriac Literature,

18.                        Sports,

19.                         From Memory, and

20.                        Psychology. 

Editorial Staff

1.     Editor in Chief: Nimrud Qasha,

2.     Editing Secretary: Wa’ad Eliya,

3.     Editing Manager: Bashar al-Baghdedi,


4.     Tariq Azzo ‘Alkan

5.     Samir Sleewa Micho,

6.     Najeeb Shaba Hadaya,

7.     Sabah Marzena Zomaya

Technical Section

8.     Design &Execution: Nadir Salim Olo

9.     Offset & Internet: Bassam Behnam Sharam

10.                        Website Manager: Nashwan Sami al-Qas Elias

11.                        Camera Man: Matti Gedhya



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