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Mar Auda Agricultural Society in Ankawa


The society was established in 1999 as per the administrative order No. 7511 in 31/10/ 1999 issued by the ministry of the interior of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

There was, prior to the establishement of the society, a need to set a committee belonging to Ankawa People Council which was founded in 1994. The committee comprised a number of farmers and peants. It strived to find solutions to some agricultural problems such as guarding Ankawa lands against tresspassers, prohibiting encroachment on agricultural crops by shepherds, guarding crops during winter and spring,   selling post-harvest agricultural left-overs, and distribution of the gains made on farmers.

After the foundation of the society and the official approval to establish it, a headquarters was rented pending the allocation of a plot of land to build an office for the society.

The headquarters of the society was built through support from Mr. Sarkis Aghajan who allocated funds to build a hall, rooms, and annexes as well as organizing its gardens. He had also a prominent role in the allocation of a plot of land for the society.

Following establishment, a large numberof people joined the society including farmers and agricultural land owners from Ankawa. Their number reached 207 who all owned agricultural land or who were farmers by profession.




The societ’s work covers all farming, union, cooperative , agricultural production consumption, and services as well as economic and social activites of its members and work areas.

It works to achieve the following:

1.     Enhance the economic and welfare standard of member peasants and farmers,

2.     Development and improvement of the agricultural production,

3.     Development of cultural aspects of members so as to enable them acquaint themselves with scientific methods for agricultural development and production increase,

4.     Serious contribution in the economic life of Kurdistan,


For the society to be able to achieve its goals , it is on order for it to cooperate with other societies to develop its potentials.


Terms of Membership

1.     Prospective members should be owners of agricultural areas regardless of the area of those lands,

2.     Members should belong to the Diocese of Erbil,

3.     They should enjoy the full competence required,

4.     Should not be members of another society that bears the same name.


The society depends financially on thesupport made by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the contributions made by its members and the income generated from the projects carried out by the society.

The organization owns a private harvest machine bought through the contribution of its members. The harvestor works in the lands of Akawa and Erbil making use of a big seed refinement machine (Habbasha) which is freely used by all members in Akawa. The society also has mounted and manual pesticide spraying machines. It also has a private tent used for funerary occasions of the people of Ankawa.

Sinces its establishment, the society has been carrying out numerous tasks such as:

1.     It has been playing a big role in contacting government institutions, agricultural offices and the presidency of Kurdistan Region to help solve many farmer problems.

2.     Putting forward the problems related to compensation for Ankawa lands before the officials concerned to find reasonable solutions to them.

3.     Making contacts with the agricultural offices to secure good quality seeds, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides for the members of the society.

4.     Participation in all agricultural workshops and conferences held by the agrucltural offices, institutions and organization concerned with agriculture. Besides, the society has held many such workshops for its members at the society headquarters.

5.     Helping the needy through financial support from its own funds or through the donations made by its members.

6.     The society has a distinctive role in all the activities made by the NGOs in Ankawa.

7.     It cooperates with Ankawa subdistrict adminstration and municiplality as well as with all other institutions in the  area for the welfare of the people of Ankawa.


In 17/01/2012, elections were held to choose the new managerial body of the society (5th term). Based in the society by-law, seven members were elected along with two stand-by members, as follows:

1.     Ziyad Salman Wardena : head,

2.     Ayad Y. Warda: deputy,

3.     Sherzad Y. Daniyal: accountant,

4.     Jawhar R. Roel: secretary,

5.     Salem S. Ya’aqub: member,

6.     Majeed Sh. Rzooqi: member,

7.     Lateef H. Nabati: member,

8.     Atto B. Atto : first stand-by, and

9.     Shawqi Sh. Toma: second stand-by.     



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