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Translated by: Aziz Emmanuel Zebari

The village of Hawresk is 30 km to the south of Zakho and 10 km from the Distict of Sumeil near Duhok. The village was founded on agreement between the Iraqi Government because the village with its lands was owned by the Armenian Community. While still in Nhar Umar in Basrah, and before settling in the village, they sent someone who built the houses for them according to the plan they had made. A school, church, and a library were also built and an artisan well was dug. This was between 1927-28. After moving in the village it soon became one of the biggest villages which Father Joseph Ome, manager of St. John Seminary in Mosul in 1961 regarded as the larges village in the area with a population of 238 people according to ( 1957) . It was known as the village of the Armenian Leon Pasha who accompanied the Assyrian commander Agha Putrus in his wars against the Turks during World War 1.

The village was then deserted. But life was restored back to it when it was covered by the reconstruction campaign launched by Mr. Sarkis Aghajan whereby the Higher Committee for Christian Affairs HCCA in Duhok built (115) new houses. A school and a community hall were built and furnished. The HCCA committee also reconstructed access roads and was also linked to a water supply system and a power supply generator.


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