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Translated by : Aziz Emmanuel Zebari

It is also generally called (Koya) , the well-known beautiful city in Kurdistan region in Iraq. It lies on the middle of the way to three governorates, i.e., Erbil, Sulaymania,and Kirkuk. It is bordered from the north by the famous Mountain Bawachi, from the east by Mountain Haybat Sultan, but is open from the south and east a wide plain called the Plain of Koysenjaq.

The history of Christians of Koya goes back to the villages of Heran and Nazanin which lie now in the so-called Dole Khoshnawati. The majority of them migrated from the neighbouring  Christian village of Armota .

Christianity spread in the area of Koysenjaq since the early centuries and there are many monuments that attest to this fact; the area was inhabited in ancient times by many Christians until the Islamic invasions. There is , for example, the monument of Marbena Qaddisha (St. Marbena) some 5 km  from Koysenjaq, which also stands as a witness. There are also villages which still carry their Christian names such as the village of Kelisa (church). The Christians of Koysenjaq have their own traditions and religious rites which they practice now freely. Their present church which used to be at the beginning just one room in the same site, was built in 23/ 09/ 1923on the model of other churches in the area. The church of Koysenjaq used to belong in the past to the Catholic diocese of Kirkuk until the establishment of the diocese of Hadiab (Adiabene) to which it was later annexed as one of its parishes.

During the reconstruction campaign launched and supported by Mr. Sarkis Aghajan, the Higher Committee for Christian Affairs (HCCA), on direct instructions from him , renovated the church of Mar Yousif in Koysenjaq. It was also furnished and supplied with air-conditioning units. It was also provided with a power supply generator.


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