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Rama Younan - aspiring Assyrian singer

Rama Younan has had a long journey to reach where he is at today. Younan is an Assyrian singer, composer and songwriter. Born in 1979 to parents from Iraq, he grew up and spent a large part of his life in Finland. After graduating from College in Finland, Younan moved to the Swedish town of Jönköping, which has a large Assyrian population.

Younan started singing back in 2000 and is currently in the works of a new album. His last album titled "En Donye Preqla" (if the world ended in Assyrian) was released back in 2011. His newest song La Kha Yoma O La Lele can be downloaded now from iTunes.

Here is his music video for "Tarane Doire" (locked doors in Assyrian)

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