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In the aftermath of the 2003 events many members of our community headed towards the areas where there was relative peace in the Plain of Nineveh (PN) and Kurdistan Region (KR), particularly the area between the two towns of Karemles and Baghdede. On instructions from Sarkris Aghajan, a new village was founded for them there by the Higher Committee for Christian Affairs (HCCA) on an area of 17.5 donums which was bought and officially registered as a property of the Armenian Orthodox Diocese in Iraq. The village was given the name Aghajanian.

The HCCA built 20 houses of an area of 100sq.m which were inhabited by 24 families. The village was linled to the national grid and supplied with a power supply generator. It was also provided with water from Bahgdede. A minibus was purchased to be used for the village services.


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