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It is one of the villages of Barwari Bala to the north of the city of Duhok. The village inhabitants maintain that the name is of a Greek origin meaning “My God, come!”. Accoreding to an oldster, the church in the village dates back to 730 AD . It used to have a population of 169 according to the 1957 census. The inhabitants of the village left it in 1961, but it was never deserted finally until 1978 when it was covered by a plan to evacuate the border strip by the then authorities.

Through instructions and support from Sarkis Aghajan, the Higher Committee for Christian Affairs (HCCA) built 19 new houses for the returnees of the village. The roofs of (8) other houses were repaired and made in concrete. A new church was built for the village which was also provided with a power supply generator.


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