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News: New Zealand Primary School Adds Assyrian New Year to Curriculum

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By Ashoor Yalda, 2019-05-18


The Holy Cross Primary School in Wellington, New Zealand has begun teaching the Assyrian New Year (Akitu) to junior students as a subject through the Intensive Oral Language program to learn about the Assyrian culture, language and heritage. The school provides opportunities for children to learn about different cultures.

The course on Akitu extends over two weeks. The Assyrian flag will be raised on the school flag pole during that period.

There are approximately 20,000 Assyrians living in New Zealand.

Principal Celeste Hastings said the school will teach the course every year before the start of the Akitu Festival, from March 21 to April 1, to educate students and their families about the Assyrian New year celebration.

This year's festival, marking the 6769th Assyrian year, was held in the hall and gardens of the school under the direction of the Preparatory Committee, with the participation of the Assyrian Women's Group, the Assyrian Democratic Movement, the Assyrian Aid Society and the Assyrian community and residents of Wellington.


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