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News: A delegation from the Australian Assyrian Club for Social Development visits Mr. Joseph Howell, Mayor of Hume, to congratulate him on his receipt of this position.


A delegation from the Assyrian Australian Society Development Club represented by the president, vice president and members of the committee, visited Mr. Joseph Haweil, newly elected Mayor of Hume City Council, to congratulate him for taking on this position. The members expressed their joy and pride in Mr. Haweil being the first Assyrian to hold this position in Melbourne.

 The conversation revolved around the conditions of our people in Australia, particularly the city of Hume, and how cooperation between the club and the council is to benefit both parties.  At the visit, Mr.Haweil expressed his delight for the committee members visit, and showed his gratitude for the support he received from the club. He affirmed his keenness to maintain relations between the club and the members of the Hume Council.

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