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News: A Moment of Fraternity: Recalling Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq

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Christian and Muslim leaders come together on Thursday for a webinar to share their insights on the Pope’s historic visit to Iraq at the beginning of March 2021.

Here is the intervention of H. E. Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako

Thanks to the Higher committee of Human fraternity for organizing of this virtual meeting. I hope that we will reach a vision and a work plan to implement what H. H. the Pope indicated in his speeches and meetings.

The historic visit of Pope Francis to Iraq, 5-8 March 2021, came in the midst of the conflicts, wars, extremist “waves” and the consequences of the Corona pandemic, to carry a “single” influential message: i.e. we are all brothers in spite of our differences, we must respect our diversity and join hands to build a better society. The Pope confirmed that the only way to walk the path of achieving peace stability, freedom and dignity for every human being, as a basis for coexistence is to restrain weapons and no one shall kill others in the name of God.

Today, nearly three months after the visit, I am submitting three practical suggestions that I believe, could be a concrete translation of Pope’s messages to Iraq, and are consistent with both the document of human fraternity signed in Abu Dhabi, and the statement of the supreme Shiite authority, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, “We are part of you and you are part of us”.

1- The Role of Clergy. The important role of clergy in guiding people’s behavior cannot be ignored. Renewing the religious discourse is necessary to suit the current reality of religious and national diversity and pluralism in our region. This will help us to get rid of old “inherited stuff” in order to make religions a bridge of understanding, a source of mutual respect, reconciliation, peace and stability in the region and the world. We got fed of hearing some clerics accusing others of being infidels and traitors. This is forbidden and in contrary to religious dogma.

2- The Role of Education. There is an urgent need to prepare a common unified curriculum that provides an appropriate “brief but fair” introduction to different religions in the region, especially Christianity and Islam, to be based on teaching the fundamentals, commonalities, spiritual and moral values of religions, while presenting examples of ritual worship. Such education can embrace diversity and pluralism and help building strong relationships of solidarity and cooperation between citizens.

3- The Role of Politicians. It is time for politicians to develop their mentality and vision. Also to renew their affiliation and fidelity to their nation and their commitment in serving their citizens. They have to be devoted to such a noble message that their citizens are awaiting impatiently. I hope that religion will be separated from politics, and that there will be a civil state that keeps the same distance from all its citizens.

In conclusion, I would like to point out with satisfaction what the UAE has done in the field of religious, cultural and social tolerance and the establishment of a Ministry of Tolerance. The government began indorsing legislation that is compatible with the religious, cultural, social and economic reality experienced by contemporary society, especially social laws related to personal status. Other countries should do the same. 




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