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News: Appeal of the Chaldean Bishops in Iraq

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In light of the current “tense” situation in Iraq, created by the elections, the Chaldean Bishops in Iraq, assembled under the Chairmanship of His Beatitude Patriarch Louis Raphael Cardinal Sako at the Summer Patriarchal Residence in Ankawa / Erbil, on Saturday morning, October 23, 2021 addressed the following appeal:


Calling upon all Iraqi politicians to follow the national and fraternal values, in order to give priority to the public interest rather than partisan agendas. This can be achieved by getting together in a calm and civilized dialogue explaining each other’s point of view, to end the current tension generated by the recent election.


Chaldean Bishops urged Iraqi politicians to expedite the formation of a government of national competencies, capable of realizing the demands of Iraqi people and preventing the country from “slipping” for the worse. Knowing that threatening or using weapons to solve problems between citizens is one of the major “sins” in all customs, as weapons are for the defense of the homeland only.


May Iraq be preserved and protected in the consciences of its loyal citizens.

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