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News: The Centenary of the Establishment of Mackenzie's Bookshop

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Mackenzie's Bookshop the oldest bookshop in Iraq established in 1920 was located in Rasheed Street with high reputation in cultural and scientific areas.
The efforts of Yervand Nerses Bedrosian, the Iraqi Armenian Book dealer owner of Mackenzie's Bookshop and his high intellectual background were evident in the development of scientific and cultural aspect in Iraq as the bookshop gained a fame of prestige reflecting the cultural, scientific and civilization at the local and global levels , in dealing with books of various subjects and different fields of scientific, educational and cultural and in many languages, Mackenzie's Bookshop was the only source in Iraq to supply all Iraqi universities, educational institutions and schools with scientific and academic books from Arab and international publishing houses playing a prominent role in the educational attainment of all sectors of the society, including doctors, engineers, jurists, pharmacists ,historians ,journalists, writers, artists and academics.
Mackenzie's Bookshop was transferred to his wife Alice Anteryasian Bedrosian, her efforts were evident in continuing the dissemination of science and education by providing academic, cultural, scientific books in different languages besides translation services in various fields.
The Bookshop continued its cultural work by the efforts of their two daughters Lernik Yervand Bedrosian / Arpik Yervand Bedrosian expressing keen to continue keeping Mackenzie's Bookshop a towering figure and a cultural scientific and civilizational edifice.
On the occasion of the Centennial of the Iraqi State, the presence of Mackenzie's Bookshop was remarkable distinguished and honorable.

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