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Mangesh was a village linked to the center of Mangesh commune which was established on 1920 ,before this date it was linked to Daoudiya commune within Al-amadiya district ,then it was the center of the villages of Doski district within Dhouk district named as the province of Dhouk on 1969.

Before being the center of the commune, number of houses in Magnet were 230 residential houses centered by the church of Mar Georgis, with population recorded 1195 according to the census of 1947, but the record declined to 959 according to the census of the district on 1965..

The devaluation was due to the immigration of inhabitants toward the cities after the events of 1961.

Mangesh is one of the oldest villages where antique sculptures were found from the date of Warido treaty (4000-4500)BC.       

To the south of the village traces of Mar Mary monastery exists, enduring that the baptism of the martyr Mar Kardagh was by the pious Mar Odisho, and probably the Christian faith in the village was since the first century of Christianity.

During its old and modern historical periods Mangesh was exposed to invasions, disasters and epidemics without any secured resettlement. The inhabitants were targeted to the crimes of killing from the beginning  of the fiftieth. More than 40 people were gunned down by unknown criminals among them was the mayor of the village Rays Hanna ,who was killed in the end of the fiftieth because of his care and defense to the interests of the village.

During the construction campaign led and support by Sarkis Aghajan, the Supreme committee of Christian affairs in Dhouk constructed 180 new houses, restoring the church , monks monastery and supplied with an electrical generator, opening a road and linked to the national electricity system besides providing a big generator to feed the houses, implementing new water projects, an internet center with complete internet communication system and whole supplies with an electric generator, also purchasing a car to grant services to the inhabitants of Mangesh.


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