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Congresswoman Eshoo Faces Heavy Criticism for Omitting Assyrians and Greeks in Genocide Statement

ishtartv.com - aina.org2017-04-27 Washington-- Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, who represents the 18th congressional...

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Pope Francis Egypt Visit to Bring ‘Comfort and Encouragement’ to Christians in Middle East

ishtartv.com - breitbart.comby Thomas D. Williams,Ph.D.26 Apr 2017 “Ourworld is torn by blind violence, a...

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Christians are the most widely targeted religious group in the world

ishtartv.com - catholicnewsagency.comBy MattHadro WashingtonD.C., Apr 23, 2017 - When it comes to religious...

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‘We all are demanding’ – Armenia’s Assyrian community pays tribute to Armenian Genocide victims

ishtartv.com - armenpress.am YEREVAN,APRIL 24, ARMENPRESS. President of Atour Assyrian Association of...

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Three Assyrians currently signed to the UFC

ishtartv.com-forums.sherdog.com Wecome a long way. Hope to see an Assyrian UFC champ some day. Thank God...

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First Christian football captain in Iran as Rouhani puts focus on minorities

ishtartv.com-theguardian.com Saeed Kamali Monday1 June 2015 AsIran’s national football team prepared to head...

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Valery: Assyrian, Veteran Gym Trainer

ishtartv.com-shadesofrussia.com May6, 2015   MOSCOW:It will be hard to find someone to tell you more about...

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Two Assyrian players to tryout for the Iraqi National Team

Chicago - Assyrian amatuor football players David Dawood (from Shlama FC) and Steve Saad Younus (formerly of...

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 ishtartv.com-KSRAMUSIC, You Tube   StarringBeneil Dariush, Achour Esho, Sargon Saadi, Steve Oshana...

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Christian Singer Says That Terror and Persecution in the Middle East Have Forced Him to Ask This Tough Question

ishtartv.com-theblaze.com Aug.29, 2015 BillyHallowell Christiansinger Matthew West believes that the world is...

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Singer Helly Luv, the most popular cheerleader for Iraqi Kurds’ war against jihadists

ishtartv.com- ekurd.net Posted on June 13, 2015 by Editorial Staff in...

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Ancient Assyrian site discovered in Erbil

ishtartv.com - kurdistan24.netBaxtiyarGoran, 22March 2017 ERBIL,Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – An ancient...

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Anatolian borders of Assyrian Empire revealed at Tushhan Mound

ishtartv.com - dailysabah.com20-3-2017 MarmaraUniversity faculty member Professor Kemalettin Köroğlu and the...

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The Middle East Seems to People in the West a Foreign Place. It Isn’t.

ishtartv.com - historynewsnetwork.orgByChristopher Binetti, 2-12-17  Howwe think of the Middle East.At atime in...

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A rose by any other name: When Turkish was written in the Greek, Armenian and even Syrian script

ishtartv.com - scroll.in Inthe Ottoman Empire, Turkish in scripts other than Arabic were...

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Mar Auda Agricultural Society in Ankawa

  The society was established in1999 as per the administrative order No. 7511 in 31/10/ 1999 issued by...

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Ankawa Youth Club

Translated by: Aziz Emmanuel Zebari Ankawa Youth Club (AYC) is a well known NGO in Kurdistan Region aswell as...

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Qaraqush Notables Council / Baghdede

    It is anindependent public, social and elitist institution found due to the hardconditions that...

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Ankawa Akad Sports Club

A ProfileIn the spring of 1992, a group ofyoung athletes, supported by old sports veterans, took the initiative...

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Journal and Magazines
Ur Magazine

Itis a quarterly issued by the Chaldean Culture Committee/ Elqosh Branch. Thename of the journal is derived...

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Al-Nawatir Journal

It is a general cultural monthlymagazine. The first No of the journal was issued in November 2005. It is issuedby...

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Al-A’ayan Journal

·        The journal wasissued on approval from Nineveh Governorate/ Media...

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Syriani Shira’a (Syriacs Sail) Journal

Itis a religious, cultural and social quarerly issued by the Syriac CatholicDioceseof Mosul .Theconnoisseur of the...

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Learn Assyrian
Assyrian for kids (book)

Click here: http://www.ishtartv.com/book,118,books.html ...

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Assyrian for kids (Video)

   part one: http://ishtartv.com/viewvideo,1183,tv.html  part two:...

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The 36th issue of Hebbawe is released

Dohuk - The 36rd issue of Hebbawe magazine was released earlier this week in Iraq. Hebbawe is an Assyrian...

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The Little Chick - an Assyrian childrens story

(Assyria Times) The Assyrian National and Cultural Youth Center of Tehran-Iran (Persian: کانون ملی و...

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