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Hazar Jot

Hazar  Jot is a  village that lies on the bank of Khazer river about 30 Km to the south west of Aqra. The naming is due to its roominess lands. The word "Hazar"  means number "1000" and " Jot" means fedan . It says that it is a derivative of the word "Jootiar"  which means the farmer. The combination is the land of thousand fedans or thousand farmers.

The population of  Hazar Jot village recorded (178) according to the census of (1957), but inhabitants left the village in 1961 because of persecution and exhausting, they return home in 1967 and lived till 1971 then they were forced to leave again , but  some return home in 1975.

During the campaign led and supported by Sarkis Aghajan, the Supreme committee of Christian affairs in Dhouk constructed (22) houses to the returned inhabitants of the village, constructing a school provided with all supplies, restoring the church , linked with the project of pure water supplies and purchasing a car for providing services to the inhabitants of Hazar Jot  village.

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