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Dere is a village with population recorded 323 according to the census of 1957 and the number of constructed residential houses were (50) occupied by more than (100) families. In 1961 the immigration started causing a decline in the number of inhabitant's existence in the village. The immigration was due to the political persecuted conditions practiced by the consecutive authorities and regimes till 1987 when the village was targeted to a complete destruction within the regime plan to reside the people in compulsory complexes. One of the important and historical visions in the village was Mar Odisho monastery which was targeted to the plane raids of the former regime in 1961. The monastery was reconstructed in 1984 but was demolished again in 1988 by the authorities. Number of families living in the village was about (250) families.

Today the Supreme committee of Christian affairs and by the support of Sarkis Aghajan constructed (13) new houses , open the road to the village ,restore the church and provide an electric generator to the village of Dere.



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