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Translated by : Aziz Emmanuel Zebari

The village of Bahzani lies at the foot of a 2000 feet high Al-Faf Mountain some 20 km to the north east of the city of Mosul. Its inhabitants are a mixture of Yazidis and Christians numbering 7178 according to the 1987 census. The village is famous for its olive trees.

Bahzani is mentioned in Syriac references as Beth Hzooye ( the house of landscapes). This is not surprising for the village overlooks the vast Plains of Nineveh to the banks of the great River Tigris.

According to church tradition, St. Thomas sent the missionary Adday to preach Christianity there along with the district of Mosul. He therefore must have preached Christianity in the area of Bahzani on his way to Adiabene (Erbil). There are still cells of hermits and monks in the area testifying to its religious significance since the early Christian periods.

At the beginning of the 13th century Genghis Khan attacked the district of Nineveh. Thus Bahzani, like other areas, was victim to the invading Tatar causing destruction and leading to some very dire conditions until 1261 when the Mongols came. Their swords continued to shed more blood and cause destruction.  

Today Bahzani has enjoyed the care and attention of Mr. Sarkis Aghajan who offered the village great and innumerable services such as the renovation of St. George’s church from inside and outside giving the church a dazzling sight. He gave instructions to build a hall for social occasions which was furnished and provided with the required equipment.

On Aghajan’s orders plots of land were purchased to be used as cemeteries in addition to the purchase of an orchard for agriculture. A house was also bought for church endowments. He also helped the village to have access to the internet through the establishment of a ciber café. The internet center was also provided with first-quality computers and other equipment to serve the people of the village. The church’s farm street was also paved. In addition, and due to the interruption in the power supply, he gave instructions to purchase an electric generator for the village hall for social occasions and another generator for the Church of Mar Gorges. He also offered to buy a bus for carrying the deceased to the cemetery and another mini bus for student transportation. He was also generous towards the Scouts Team which was provided with musical instruments and other equipment.  


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