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News: A Unique Journey of receive blessings and search for hope to save and relief Christians of Iraq


Joseph T. Kassab

Vatican May 31, 2017

Last week, my wife and myself traveled to the holy city of the Vatican-Italy. The purpose was to meet, greet , and receive blessings from the Holy Father Pope Francis.

At this very close audience, we offered his Holiness some basic articles from our Chaldean culture, heritage, and a portrait for our beloved village Telkaipa much-loved St. George, a city which is brutally taken and destroyed for two years by vicious ISIS. These offered pieces are shared by the Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Institute (ICAE) and the Troy-Michigan based  56 years of dedicated services provider;  the United Community Family Services also knows as the Chaldean American Ladies of Charity (UCFS/CALC) .

Since the world was very much inspired by the Holy Father meeting with President Trump on persecuted Christians, I was pleased to personally give his Holiness a four pages letter addressed to him describing the ordeal, challenges, and the fierce genocide which Christians are nowadays facing in Iraq. In addition, I listed several of the durable solutions to protect and to assist the impacted people in order to survive and to prosper in their own ancestral land, Iraq, the land of Mesopotamia.  

I also, implored the Holy Father to pray and to help save the Christians in Iraq from extinction which in reply he humbly knotted his head. As a result, the next day a meeting was arranged for me with the officials of the Pontifical Migrants and Refugee Section, Dicastery for Promoting Integral Humanitarian Development. It is one of the official congregations of the Holy See, through which the Pope conducts the regular administration of the universal Church. Based on my longtime expertise and work on rescuing the persecuted and the oppressed, I had very extensive and detailed conversation with the officials on how the Diaspora civic-humanitarian organizations like ICAE Institute and the United Community Family Services (UCFS/CALC) can collectively assist in providing a holistic and strategic relief approaches to address this tenuous humanitarian matter.

To better serve my people, I'm looking forward to work closely with the Vatican and President Trump Administration.


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